Explore a renewed Judaism that integrates all the fragments of your being.
A Judaism that infuses your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul with spiritual joy and depth.

B’nai Or Montreal (Children of Light) Community Shul is a program of the YM-YWHA/Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre located in the West-end of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  We are affiliated with the world-wide Jewish Renewal movement. B’nai Or Montreal was founded for the purpose of creating a vibrant and inclusive Jewish congregation.

 We consciously follow a post-denominational path, inspired by the spirit of deep ecumenism*, as described and envisioned by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and others.

[*meaningful connections and relatedness within, between and among religious and spiritual traditions]

 You are welcome…
 …if you are Jewish but are not sure what that means.
 …if you are not Jewish but something in you loves something about Judaism.
 …if you have become disconnected from your Jewish roots, no matter how far back they may go.
 …whether or not you believe in God, or if you struggle with your beliefs.
 …if you are seeking spiritual nourishment and community, no matter what spiritual paths you may have traversed.
 …if you have been wanting to incorporate a Sabbath practice in your life but don’t know where to begin.
 …if you would like the support of a caring and compassionate community along with its spiritual resources.

We welcome you whether or not you have synagogue affiliation, religious training or experience in Judaism. We welcome you and your family without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability, or age. Come join us even if you never had any Jewish upbringing at all but are curious. Let the spirit of being in a vibrant, friendly spiritual community that feels like home warm and open your heart.

B’nai Or Montreal is a program of the YM-YWHA/Ben Weider Jewish Community Centre 
B’nai Or Montreal receives funds from the Montreal Jewish Community Foundation
B’nai Or Montreal is a proud affiliated community of ALEPH Canada
And a member of the Big Tent Judaism Coalition, of the Jewish Outreach Institute