Sukkot Shabbaton with Rabbi Daniel Siegel

This Shabbos, come join us for: Kabbalat Shabbat in the sukkah; Saturday afternoon learning with Rabbi Daniel Siegel, Rabbinic Director of ALEPH Canada; seudah shlishit (third meal of Shabbat), havdalah, then more learning and visioning on the future of Jewish Renewal and Jewish spirituality in Canada. Intergenerational, multi-community, inspiring, joyful, deep and meaningful.

Sukkot Shabbaton Schedule

Friday night, October 10:
* 7:30 pm – Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma’ariv service with potluck kosher vegetarian Oneg Shabbat following service. With Reb Daniel, Reb Sherril, Fran Avni, and other special guest service leaders!

Saturday, October 11:
* 4-6:15 pm – Learning and chevrutah (Reb Daniel’s teaching and all of us discovering and dreaming together)
* 6:15-7:15 pm – Seudah shlishit/supper (third meal of Shabbat; catered)
* 7:25-7:45 pm: Musical havdalah (end of Shabbat ritual)
* 7:45-9 pm – Dessert; building on conversations from afternoon: crafting and sharing our visions

All Shabbaton events take place at the Y!
5400 Westbury Avenue

Chag samayach!
R’ Sherril

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