About Us

B’nai Or Montreal is a progressive, innovative, egalitarian Jewish community, driven by a passionate belief in the relevance and joy of the Jewish tradition and its power to infuse our lives with meaning and purpose.

B’nai Or operates with a non-judgmental and open philosophy, respecting, encouraging and honouring a diversity of Jewish expression in our congregation and our activities.

As a new Montreal congregation, we are actively engaged in outreach at this time, and we welcome unaffiliated or disenfranchised Jews, Jews who are seeking a welcoming and inspiring spiritual and religious community, and all those who are inspired by Jewish Renewal and its principles.

B’nai Or Montreal Community Shul is a community devoted to heart-based spiritual awakening, committed to fostering spirituality through experiential prayer, music, meditation, individual and group learning, personal growth, social action, life cycle events, and creative rituals. At B’nai Or, you will find a place to deepen your relationship with your expansive self, and to nurture intimacy with the Divine, however you imagine It.