B’nai Or Montreal meets the diverse spiritual, religious, educational, and communal needs of our members within the framework of egalitarian, progressive Judaism, combining tradition with innovation and renewal.

As a Beit Tefillah (House of Prayer), we provide inspiring religious services, opportunities for lay leadership at all levels, and an inclusive, accessible and egalitarian environment.

As a Beit Midrash (House of Study), we provide deep learning experiences and opportunities through innovative, creative and inspiring programming. We seek to instill a lifelong love of Torah in its broadest sense – the collective knowledge and wisdom of our texts, traditions and cultures.

As a Beit K’nesset (House of Assembly), we strive to provide a safe, open, welcoming environment. We reach out with compassion toward all who seek but have not yet found a spiritual home or a satisfying connection to the Jewish people. We also reach out to those outside our congregation through tikkun olam (repairing the world) and by forming affiliations with other religious and spiritual communities.