We seek to embrace the following values in our own lives and encourage them in current and future generations of our kehillah. We believe these values identify B’nai Or Montreal as a holy community celebrating the joy, richness and depth of Judaism.

•Compassion and lovingkindness (Gemilut chasadim) – We are committed to being sensitive and caring in our service of each other and all people. We celebrate together in joy, and comfort one another in sorrow. 

•Faith and Worship (Emunah and Avodah) – We deepen spiritual fulfillment by enhancing our connection with God through worship, Sabbath and holiday observances, and life-cycle events. Women and men are full and equal partners in every aspect of religious and spiritual Jewish life at B’nai Or Montreal.

•Repairing the World (Tikkun Olam) – We are committed to tikkun olam, and this responsibility shapes our belief that social justice, peace and caring for the environment begins with ourselves and our community. We try to adapt our programming to eco-kashrut, by caring for ourselves, for others, for animals, and for nature by linking our food choices to health, ethical and ecological standards.

•Righteousness (Tzedek and Mussar) – We value respectful discourse, seek consensus, and strive for fairness in our congregational activities.

•Study (Torah) – We promote and support the lifelong study of Judaism including our history, traditions, leadership, and Torah.

•Support of Israel (Ahavat Yisrael) – We affirm our historic and spiritual bond to Israel.

•Welcoming and Acceptance (Bruchim Haba’im) – We welcome people with open hearts to our events, services, and community (hachnasit orchim). We recognize that each of us has been created in God’s image and contains a divine spark. Therefore,  we respect diversity and value every member of our congregation. We welcome and recognize the sanctity of every individual regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, religious affiliation, family status, income, sex, or sexual orientation.